Hernia Specialist in Pune

Hernia Specialist in Pune

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The prestigious Paarasmani Hospital Hernia Care in Pune is renowned for its excellence in treating all types of hernias, from the most straightforward cases to the most complex. With a track record of performing numerous successful hernia repairs, it stands out as a top-tier specialist center in the field. Led by the esteemed Dr. Kunal Oswal, a leading Hernia Specialist in Pune, the clinic utilizes cutting-edge mesh repair techniques to ensure the highest quality of care. Rest assured, you are in the hands of one of the finest Gastroenterology Clinics in Pune with a dedicated focus on hernia treatment.

Hernia Surgery in Pune

As a highly skilled and committed gastroenterologist in Pune, Dr. Kunal Oswal is also an expert in hernia repair procedures. He successfully treated thousands of patients, relieving their discomfort and allowing them to resume their normal activities. Our state-of-the-art facilities handle all types of hernias, including umbilical and epigastric. As one of Pune's most experienced hernia specialists, Dr. Kunal Oswal has performed several procedures using laparoscopy, the most popular and sophisticated surgical technique. In the best interests of the medical community, he organizes conferences, CMEs, and much more in a very prolific and active manner.

For all hernia treatments, Paarasmani Hospital Gastro Care is the one-stop solution. At the Hadapsar & Pune location, the Department of Paarasmani Hospital Hernia Care Treatment offers all patients suffering from all types of hernias thorough and compassionate treatment.

What is Hernia?

A hernia is a bulge in the belly or groin that develops when the muscles or tendons of the abdominal wall rip or weaken. They are noticeable and could enlarge with time. The majority of the time, the illness only manifests as an apparent lump or bumps under the skin. The precise location and etiology of the hernia will determine any additional symptoms. Although hernias are typically not dangerous, they must be treated surgically. Because a hernia cannot heal itself, even one that shows little to no symptoms now could develop into a problem later on.

Renowned Pune hernia specialist Dr. Kunal Oswal says that a hernia occurs when pressure pushes an organ or tissue out of a patient's fascia through a hole or a weak muscle. This vulnerable area may exist from birth or may develop at a later age.

A hernia can result from any abdominal pressure and can happen in the following circumstances:

What Types of Hernias Are There?

Types of hernias

Anywhere in the abdomen region is susceptible to a hernia. Typically, patients will experience pain or detect a bulge where the hernia is. These are the most typical kinds of hernias:

  1. 1. An inguinal hernia is a condition in which tissue, typically from the intestines, protrudes through the lower abdomen.
  2. 2. A femoral hernia is the top of your inner thigh or your groin where tissue protrudes.
  3. 3. An incisional hernia is the result of tissue protruding from a surgical wound or partially healed incision.
  4. 4. Umbilical/Paraumbilical hernias a condition in which tissue protrudes through the abdomen in the area immediately surrounding the navel (belly button)
  5. 5. An epigastric hernia is a tissue protrusion into the upper abdomen.

Hernia Spigeliana This particular kind of hernia is uncommon and develops 4 or 5 cm below the "belly button" on the border of one of the rectus abdominis muscles, also known as the "six-pack" muscles that are commonly observed in athletes.

Symptoms and Indications:
Hernia Treatment in Hadapsar Pune:

Dr. Kunal Oswal (treatment for hernias) Hernias can only be treated surgically; no other therapy can be used to cure them. One of Pune's top surgical gastroenterologists, Dr. Kunal Oswal, chooses the surgical approach based on the size, location, and kind of hernia. Gastro Care at Paarasmani Hospital offers a variety of therapies. Your consultant will go over each one's possible advantages with you. The most popular and sophisticated surgical technique, laparoscopy, has been used extensively in hernia repair procedures by Pune's leading hernia expert, Dr. Kunal Oswal.

In conclusion, the staff at Pararasmani Hospital is committed to providing you with the best specialist for your needs at the earliest opportunity. They do this with a kind and committed attitude. To schedule an appointment or to learn more about our extensive range of treatment options, contact Pune's top laparoscopic hospital. Schedule a meeting online right now. The services provided by Paarasmani Hospital are available to the surrounding areas of Manjri, Phursungi, Amanora, Kharadi, BT Kawade Road, Handewadi, Wanowrie, and Hadapsar Gadital.